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Baby Swimming - Swim Baby

Tips on teaching kids how to swim

Nothing is as exciting as seeing your little one grow and being able to do things on their own. Watching your child or children learning how to swim or how to do anything new is interesting and it makes you proud. A child is very inquisitive and it is important that you teach them new things while they are still young because the brain is still fresh. When a child learns how to swim at an early age this puts your mind at ease because you do not have to stress about your child drowning.

Tips on teaching kids how to swim
Swimming lessons are helpful and your child will learn new and interesting swimming skills. The first thing you need to do is you need to teach them the basics of learning how to swim. Here are some of the activities that you can use:

Talking to fishes:
You need to teach them how to practise how to pretend that they are getting fishes. Your child can blow bubbles in the water and this is helpful because it is also a form of a breathing technique. Breathing control is the first step in teaching a child how to swim. It can happen that while your child is swimming that they accidentally swallow the water and that could be a setback so it is important to make sure that they do not panic and you encourage them to do better.

Catch the fishes:
This means that you need to sit next to your child on the pool steps of the shallow end or you can stand facing each other if the pool is shallow enough. Ask your child to catch the fish his hands and perform a front crawl like an arm and stroke by reaching his arm in the air.

Motorboat front float:
You need to hold your child under his or her arm and your child should be facing you. Start walking backwards through the water. When you pick up the speed the water will gently push the child into the front and allow them to float.

Red light, green light: You need to find a comfortable position and sit next to the child on a shallow step of the pool. The child needs to hold onto the side of the pool facing the wall. Immediately when you say green light the child needs to kick crazy and when you say red light the child needs to stop kicking.

Swim Baby
If you do not have the energy or time to teach your child how to swim, then you can book them swimming lessons. Swim Baby has the excellent teachers that will teach your child how to be a great swimmer.

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