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Benefits Of Infant Swimming.

When your baby isn't walking yet, swimming lessons may seem pointless. But there are many benefits to teaching your baby to swim, besides the fact that your baby looks adorable in a swimming costume.

Studies have shown that spending time in the water can help babies to become self-confident and intelligent. Being in the water engages a baby's tiny body in a very unique way, it creates billions of new neurons as baby kicks and smacks the water.

While there are huge benefits of taking your baby to a public pool alone, formal group swimming lessons are very important too. Many people believe that infant swim time makes children too comfortable in the water, which increases drowning risks, but this is not true. In children aged one to four, lessons can reduce tour child's risk of drowning for many different reasons.

Due to delicate immune systems, doctors usually recommend that parents keep their babies from chlorinated lakes or pools until they're about six months old.

But you shouldn't wait too long to introduce your baby to the water, children who don't get their feet wet until later tend to be more fearful and negative about swimming.

Below are some more benefits of infant swimming:

Swimming lessons improve cognitive functioning - Bilateral cross-patterning movements use both sides of the baby's body to carry out an action, assists in the growth of your baby's brain.

Cross-patterning movements help build neurons throughout the brain, especially in the corpus callosum, which facilitates feedback, communication and modulation from one side of the brain to another. This helps improve:

  • Language development
  • Reading skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Academic awareness
When your baby swims, he/she moves their arms while they kick their legs. And your baby is doing these actions in the water, which means your baby's brain is registering the tactile sensation of water and its resistance. Swimming is also a very unique social experience, which help with your baby's brains boosting power.

At Swim Baby, teaching infants and babies to swim is our passion. All of our teachers are fully qualified and trained to take the very best care of your child. Contact us for more information on our swimming lessons.

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