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Pool Pump Systems: Revealed

Swimming can be so much fun and it is a great way to stay healthy. But did you know that babies can also develop a love for swimming? They are actually born with a love for the water, so parents can go on an exciting adventure as their child learns about aquatic fun and in due time, learns to swim.

Before the age of about three or four months, a bathtub is an ideal place for the young one to start developing a healthy association with this liquid medium. In this early training, the baby will experience an excessive amount of physical stimulation from water resistance throughout his whole body. The water has over 600 times the resistance than that of air, which is excellent for the muscles and it promotes neurological development as well. The additional physical stimulation of the nerves the child practices, the more that connections and neural pathways can grow in the brain cells. This touch and association with the water shared between child and parent can also create a more profound emotional connection between them because they are face to face, skin to skin, and are one with the water.

An early introduction to aquatics is the best option because a child younger than the age of 12 months is less likely to be influenced by negative attitudes towards the water. Should parents start their child’s in lessons at a later stage, it can be more challenging to get the child comfortable enough to get on his back in the water. It often takes much longer for the child to get accustomed to the teacher, the water, the distractions around the pool and water submersion. A toddler that may have reached the “clingy” stage could be more resistant to leave the comfort of mom’s or dad’s arms. However, it is much better to start swim lessons when a child is older, rather than not at all due to the significance of teaching water safety to all children.

The objective for the amalgamation of swimming and water safety classes for the 1-4 year-old is for them to acquire a swim-float-swim skill which is used worldwide to get the child ready for emergency situations. When the child falls into the water, he is taught to hold his breath, kick-up to the surface of the water and then roll over onto his back to a resting point, breathe and scream for help. Then he/she can roll into a horizontal position back onto his stomach and then continue the swim-float-swim technique until he learns to reach the safety of the wall, the steps or his/her parents. There are quite motivating stories of children being able to save themselves in near-drowning situations because they acquired this skill or have been taught to reach for the wall or kick their way to the steps for safety.

Swim Baby is a baby, toddler and Swim School that provides lessons for babies from newborns up until around 4 years old on how to be safe, confident and appreciate the water from a very young age, in so doing guaranteeing a healthy relationship with water all throughout their lives. Swim Baby, Located within the stunning grounds of Eden Village Salt Rock, their new pool is 10 x 5 meters, heated to a warm 32 degrees Celsius and entirely indoors with changing rooms which lead directly onto the poolside. The pool has been intentionally built to offer swimming for babies, toddlers, and young children all year round.

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