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Swimming Activities

Swim Baby

Group swimming lessons for babies and toddlers (0-3 years). Max 10 per class with mum/dad/carer in pool with child. Lessons are 30 min long, same day and time each week. There are 5 stages in the Baby Swimming Course. Each course is 10/11 weeks long, depending on the school term. Each of these courses have progressive stages and teach you as parents to develop your little one’s ability above and below the water, developing them through progressive and structured weekly swimming lessons, whilst most importantly having FUN and ALWAYS at your own baby’s ability and pace.

Swim Kiddies

2-1 swimming lessons for older kiddies. (3 years +). These group swimming lessons are available to children that are confident in going under the water and swim a couple of meters on their own. This could happen before 3 years old so it is more ability than age dependent. Classes are 20 min, same day and time each week and will be taken by a qualified teacher with a maximum of 2 children. If your child is not yet confident or a bit nervous in water I highly recommend you start with the group classes until they settle and start to enjoy the water. Your child will hugely benefit from having you close by in the pool and settle far quicker. The group swimming classes are designed around a learn through play lesson plan, and classes are packed with songs, games and activities, children quickly forget their nerves and immerse themselves in fun. My ethos for swimming and in life is that in order to truly be good and succeed at something we first need to love and enjoy the activity… these swimming lessons will provide that basis for your little one.