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Why a Water Baby is a Happy Baby

Quality time spent with family has gone hand in hand with the sound of splashing water and laughing children for decades. Ensuring that both you and your little one don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to bond means finding a baby swimming school that values safety, encourages developmental progress and understands the benefits that stem from your baby building early confidence in and around water.

Why Teach Your Baby to Swim?
The early stages of childhood are defined by developmental milestones and growth. Swimming lessons afford your baby the opportunity to interact with others and build trust, leading to social and emotional development. Muscle tone, balance, coordination and crossing of the midline are all improved by time spent in the water. Various problem-solving scenarios and augmented spatial awareness advance cognitive development.

There are benefits for you too – exercise of this nature stimulates your baby’s appetite whilst physical exertion means less resistance broaching bedtime and better sleeping patterns – what a win!

What About Safety?
Babies who learn to swim are at less risk of drowning – they learn to not fear water, but maintain a respect for it and its potential hazards. The right baby swimming school will have qualified instructors who follow certain tried and tested procedures to ensure your child is comfortable and on the right path to water readiness. With safety in mind, First Aid and CPR trained instructors should be a must.

Choosing the Right Swimming School
No decision can be too heavily weighed when it comes to your little one. Choosing the right swimming school begins with finding instructors who put both you and your baby at ease. Once both of you are comfortable, the primary focus should then be an environment optimal for teaching babies how to be safe, confident and enjoy the water from a young age. For babies and toddlers, pools should be heated to around 32 degrees Celsius and have an instructor with them, in the water, at all times.

Take the Plunge
Still have questions? You’re a parent, of course you do. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting your baby in the pool, as well as the ‘benchmark and beyond’ safety standards you should be looking for, or, if you’re looking for swimming lessons in Ballito reach out to Lisa and her team at Swim Baby for further information, or visit their website today.

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